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Important information from our President

Montreal, March 24 2020

Dear Customer,

As you know, the Government of Quebec has ordered the closure of non-essential businesses. However, SERTI is considered an essential business because we serve car dealers (maintenance of emergency vehicles) and heavy truck dealers (transport). In addition, we support customers in the food sector such as dairies, food processing and other essential product companies.

Therefore, SERTI remains in operation and our customers will benefit from 100% of the support services to which they are accustomed. Our premises will be closed and all of our staff will work remotely.

With the context we are currently living in, we understand the importance of working together to minimize the impact as much as possible for all. SERTI will therefore grant a 25% discount on the entire monthly payment of its customers for the month of April 2020, for all our customers whose account is not overdue. We must maintain our infrastructure and our support staff to ensure that we provide the services during this difficult time.

For our customers who are not yet billed monthly, an equivalent compensation will be applied on your next renewal.

In this historic moment, our first thought is for the health of all. I wish each and everyone of you to maintain health, this is what is most important.

Thank you,

Louis Laporte