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Fixed operations

Powerful technological tools that can even help your technicians! Aim for efficiency and innovation with SERTI!

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Our solution

Turn your customer service into a memorable experience!​​

fast forward to today's customers

A time-tested solution - for over 30 years! Technological tools developed according to the needs of our customers and those of the industry. A resolutely Web evolution for today's dealerships with tomorrow's challenges!

technological vision

All our new modules are developed on Web & Mobile platforms. We are rethinking and revisiting each of our modules with this in mind - to eventually become fully Web-based!

Stats Online ajuste

keep track of everything


Quickly find the information you are looking for with StatsOnline, our Web Dashboard. Accessible from any smartphone or tablet. No need to login the system, a truly web app! Ask for a demo - you will like what you see!

Service Tablet

Offer a truly interactive experience to your customers as they enter the service bay. Welcome them with a tablet and let them participate in the walk-around verification and open the RO with them.

Document capture

Upload any picture on your very own cloud space. Attach it to any open RO or invoice and send it to the customer for fast approval!


No need for a third-party app. Text your customers right from your system or from the SDSMobile app installed on any smartphone.


Barcode scanning with a mobile device - reduces manual data entry and the risk of errors. Also prints reservation tickets on the spot!

Features to increase efficiency & lower costs

Online Appointments

Give your customers the ability to choose their own dates and times! Readily available and customized to your Website!

Messaging & alerts

It’s the easiest thing to do! Text your customers right from the system or the SDSMobile app installed on any smartphone.

Service Tablet

Show a brand new approach to your customers in the service bay! Welcome them with a tablet and let them participate in the walk-around verification and open the RO with them!


Your very own space in the cloud! Your data's security and integrity well preserved!


Take your business to a whole new level with our powerful web dashboard, StatsOnline : real-time information for fast-paced strategic decisions.

Mobile Parts Receipting

Part Receipting in real-time thanks to barcodes. Instant reservation label printing - your parts department will love it!

And many more

increase your fixed-op efficiency

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Sales & F&I

  • Sales Tablet (Coming soon)
  • Vehicle Pictures
  • Form Printing & Emailing
  • Texting & Alerts
  • In-House Leasing
  • CRM
  • Web Dashboard
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  • Payroll
  • Secured PDF Paystubs
  • AR Statements by email
  • EFTs
  • In-House Leasing
  • Web Dashboard
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  • All OEMs
  • Web Dashboard
  • Document Capture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Tier III Facility
  • IBM Technology
  • Electronic Payments
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for automotive and heavy truck dealerships

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