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New SDSWeb environment

"I am pleased to announce the release of the new environment SDSWeb. SDSWeb is a pure Web environment that is accessible from any internet browser. Which means that it can be used on a tablet (Apple or Android) as well as any other device (PC, Mac). The first feature available in this new environment is the Service Write-Up (Open RO) including vehicle inspection, taking pictures / videos and so on.

This new environment is part of the evolution of your SDS solution and is therefore available for free with your basic service contract just like the new versions of SDSWin and SDSMerlin. In the years to come, the development of your solutions will be focused on Web and Mobile in order to offer you the desired functionalities in these environments which are the reality of today."

Louis Laporte

Tablet Service Write-Up

We are proud to present the very first Web feature: Service Write-Up on a tablet.

Tablet Service Write-Up will allow your Service Advisor to greet customers right when they enter your dealership's drive-thru, tablet in-hand, and to proceed with the steps to opening the W.O. with them.

User-friendly and easy to use, this functionnality will allow your advisor to provide a greatly enhanced customer experience. In fact, the customer will be able to participate in his very own vehicle's walkaround and find out about its recommended maintenance. This transparent process will reassure your customers and provide insights into their vehicle's maintenance needs.

Once the process is completed, the customer will be able to sign the W.O. directly on the tablet.

This feature can be accessed from a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser and works on Apple, Android, Windows or Chrome OS tablets. But it doesn't stop there! It can also be accessed from a PC or Mac computer if needed.

This functionality is free of charge to our customers and is part of the SDS software Web evolution.

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Watch a short demo of this very first Web based functionnality from SDSWeb!