Why Choose SERTI Why Choose SERTI

Why Choose SERTI


Choosing SERTI as a DMS provider could very well prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business. At SERTI you will find real people animated by a real interest in offering the best customer-exprerience to each and every customer. A recent independantly conducted survey showed an overall customer satisfaction index of 90,4%. But our proudest achievement is our 99% customer retention rate. After more than 25 years in the automotive business, only a few customers have actually left us for any of our competitors.

When dealerships choose SERTI, they become business partners and find a team that listens and a helping hand. They also find that they have a voice and can help us enhance and improve our SDS software, through their invaluable input and particular needs.

Why Choose SERTI


Lower your operating costs with our no-surprise-cost policy 

  • No long-term agreement; one-year-at-a-time support contract
  • No charge for software updates
  • Best overall value: spend less, bring more in


The SDS solution evolves right along with your business

At SERTI, we know that a business relationship should be based on respect and trust. Financial considerations are paramount in a decision such as choosing or switching a DMS. We offer a complete solution, running on the extremely reliable IBM Power System platform, with a lower total cost than that of our competitors.The SDS Solution is all-inclusive and hides no unexpected fees. SERTI does not tie you down with long-term binding contracts. Our one-year-at-a-time contract policy provides our customers with the freedom to explore other providers and other options. Even though they can leave us at any time, they just don't. We also know that purchasing a server is not just another expense. The SDS solution runs on the best server there is, the IBM Power System.

The IBM Power System is so reliable that you won't have to worry about replacing it for many years. Thanks to this powerful server, your dealership will be able to fully harness enhancements and new versions of the SDS software as they become available. The SDS solution running on the Power System server will grow with your business and seamlessly welcome new users or entire sites!

To choose SERTI as a business partner, is to choose a dedicated team set on offering the best DMS, the most reliable infrastructure and the friendliest customer service available on the market today.

After all, we have been doing this for over 25 years!