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I am very pleased with our decision to convert from our old system to SDS in January 2009 and I highly recommend SERTI to anybody looking for a complete dealership system. The system is adaptable to any dealership environment and is fully able to grow with your organization. The big players in the dealership software market will charge you a lot more for a lot less system.

From sales through installation to support and follow-up, the SERTI team works with you and walks you through each step of the process to ensure success. I can say without hesitation that: SERTI provided the best sales experience I've experienced in this industry; By far, the easiest installation and conversion process; and they have maintained their commitment by providing excellent support.

Sherry Kok, CMA 

Previously using Ford iConnect - with SERTI since 2009

Support is amazing

Overall, the sales process was excellent, as well as the setup/install work. Having an install co-coordinator was the best.

Every trainer came in extremely knowledgeable and dealership savvy.

Support is amazing, everyone is very friendly and helpful. SERTI delivered on all commitments – wow how rare!

Katie Leblanc, Secretary-treasurer

Previously using Ford iConnect - with SERTI since 2008

The financial gap between SERTI and our former provider is huge

For once, a promotional fax really caught my attention, and I am very pleased. We had another provider for many years.

The desire to be associated with a Qubec-based company and to reduce operating costs complelled to look at SERTI's offer more closely. we have noticed that the financial gap between SERTI and our former provider was very considerable. SERTI and its representatives have kept their word on eveyrthing. The sales and the support teams are competent and very driven towards SERTI and thier customers.

The software itself, is beyond reproach, reliable and user-friendly. Since I am "SERTI", I do not miss an occasion to recommend SERTI to my peers, across Canada.

Sylvain Hogues, President

With SERTI since 2008

Excellent results with SERTI

We are pleased to inform you that we have had excellent results from our SERTI Dealership System.

We had previously been a 30 plus year customer with another provider and were concerned about changing systems. However the product, the installers and the support staff turned a stressful situation into an enjoyable experience. Many areas of the system have saved us hours of processing VS the old system.

The financial savings were quickly noticed and continue to be a reason for switching computer systems. We heartily recommend the SDS answer to your data processing needs and can safely state that your investment would be well placed.

David McKerracher, C.A.

Previously using Reynolds & Reynolds - with SERTI since 2009

SERTI deserves a gold star

The experience we have had with the SDS System has been very positive to say the least. The software is very user friendly, and all of my sales staff find the tools integrated into the software very useful.

Not to downplay the install at all, but at the time we were a brand new facility and were just trying to get the doors open. The install crew did a fantastic job and made sure we were where we needed to be throughout the whole process.

The one thing that I will give you a gold star on is the support team. I have been in business for many, many years, and having experience with ADP and Reynolds and some of the older ones that have been swallowed up by the bigger companies.

When you call the support line, there is no voice mail, no "dial 2 for sales, 3 for service…" and those recorded messages. What you get is a direct line to the best support team I have ever encountered! They are fast, they are efficient, they are great! I have never met most of them face to face, but during the first months of getting up and running, I have spoken to all of them on a daily basis. If you have a problem, there is none of this getting put on hold, or being told they’ll call you back, they do what they are supposed to; they answer questions and solve problems.

Keep up the good work,

Adam Nigro, Sales Manager

New dealership with SERTI since 2011

SERTI's technical support has been there for us

On August 1, 2008, we acquired the local Chevrolet dealership. At that time they were using the SERTI system as their DMS, and frankly, we did not know what to expect as we had been using other DMS providers at our other dealerships.

Today, we are still using SERTI and feel very comfortable with what their system offers. We have managers who have been exposed to other systems, and they feel that SERTI offers just as much as those systems, but in my opinion for a much smaller initial investment and monthly support fees.

Just as important, their technical support has been there for us when needed, and SERTI has also been very good at continuously working at adding improvements to their system capabilities.

Overall, we have been a SERTI customer for almost five years and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

Andre Lapointe, président

Previously using Reynolds & Reynolds - with SERTI since 2004

the absolute best help desk possible

Our sales representative was wonderful, he explained everything to us and any questions we had later, we could and did call him at any time.

SERTI has the absolute best help desk possible. They are just wonderful. Always friendly and helpful and know what they are doing. There haven’t been any hidden charges.

SERTI has delivered on all commitments. The quality of the software is great. The majority of it is easy to follow. By all means I would recommend SERTI to any and all dealerships.

I think we stumbled on to a wonderful company. How lucky we have been.

Karen Lee Beranger, Office manager

Previously using ADP - with SERTI since 2010

Serti has earned my trust

I'm pleased to inform you that we have now been on SDS for just over four months and we're happy with our decision to become a SERTI customer.

Once we made the decision to leave our previous provider, we felt we needed to have a good look at the numerous DMS providers. We have heard positive things about SERTI from our fellow Volkswagen and Audi dealers in Quebec. We felt we owed it to ourselves to give SERTI a fair evaluation along with the larger market players. Throughout our decision making process other DMS providers made it clear that they felt SERTI offered a 2nd tier solution and was based on dated technology. As you know, we put SDS through a number of thorough demonstrations with our Department managers and in the end we felt confident enough to put our trust in SERTI.

Today, our fixed operations and Accounting are running on SDS and functioning very efficiently. SDS does everything that we need it to and offers the core functionality that we require from our DMS. The changeover was not without some growing pains, an any DMS switchover is, but our front line staff was performing all their daily duties on SDS smoothly within a few weeks.

When we did have a question, it was refreshing to call into support and be able to speak quickly to a knowledgeable representative who could address the issue. The best part of the transition has been receiving our monthly invoice for SDS services. SDS represents tremendous value over our previous provider and the other big players in the market.

We're satisfied that we made the decision to switch to SERTI.

Michael Crosby, General manager

Previously using Reynolds & Reynolds - with SERTI since 2009

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  • happy with the performance

    Valley Equipment installed the Serti SDS system in October 2003. The learning curve for this system was less than half what our previous system was. All in all I am very happy with the performance, the system and the support of the SERTI team.

    Florin Allen, Controller

    Previously using ADP - with SERTI since 2003

  • A unique approach

    SERTI offers a unique approach to dealership software and delivers this approach in a user-friendly product. The service and support of SERTI have been second to none and we look forward to the future with SERTI for many years to come!

    Randy Charlebois, Owner

    Previously using ADP - with SERTI since 2007

  • you won't go wrong

    I could not be happier with our decision to replace our old computer system with SDS and highly recommend SERTI to anybody looking for a great software at fair price with none of the aggravation that normally goes with it.

    Serti is as good or better than the big players out there, with none of the attitude or games that they play!

    You won’t go wrong with a decision to implement Serti.

    Tim Westaway, Controller

    Previously using DIS - with SERTI since 2009

  • SERTI earned my loyalty

    Speaking on behalf of the entire staff and management of Acura West, we are completely satisfied with the SDS system and wholeheartedly recommend SERTI to anybody in the market for a new computer system.

    SERTI has met all their commitments, and thus earned my loyalty and that of our staff.

    Paul Jennery, General Manager

    Previously using PBS - with SERTI since 2008