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SDS Cloud

SDS + cloud = even "user-friendlier"!

SERTI is very proud to offer its new delivery model: SDS in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) formula. Hosting its solution on its very own servers, SERTI can now offer a cloud solution, called "SDS Cloud". Always running on the IBM Power platform, the SDS Cloud solution is still as reliable and resilient as ever - .

Dealerships of all sizes and types are turning to SaaS (software as a service) as an alternative to buying, installing and maintaining licensed software. Through SaaS, they avoid the costs, both direct and indirect, of managing their own software by subscribing to Web-hosted applications managed by the provider.


Like sitting on a cloud...

So easy to use, you won't even need your IT department's help! And, there's no dedicated equipment to manage or server to maintain and/or renew.

But the advantages don't stop there! We make sur that the software is up to date, upgraded and that it can answer your every need.

No need to wait, download and install updates - we do it all for you!

And on top of that, we design SDS Cloud to adapt to the ever changing needs of every dealership. A real on-demand cloud-based software. Business is booming? You need additionnal modules? Need to add more users? SDS Cloud offers the expandability required for all of these - and to quickly adapt to your new realities!

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model allows more efficiency and more freedom: simply login, work, logoff - start again tomorrow!


SDS Cloud

SDS Cloud - all-inclusive! 

DMS Direct Costs SDS Cloud Traditionnal on premise ASP
Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Replacement included additionnal cost
Data Security (including data reproduction and disaster recovery) included additionnal cost
Data Storage (no limits) included additionnal cost
Remote Back-Up (daily) included additionnal cost
Multiple User Licenses included additionnal cost
Unlimited Growth (on-demand / flexible) included additionnal cost
Remote Access included additionnal cost

Software-as-a-service = impressive savings

The new SERTI delivery model also brings about impressive savings in initial costs and investments. Since there is no need for the dealership to purchase a dedicated server or equipment, the initial costs are drastically reduced.

And that is added onto SDS Cloud's significant savings in hardware equipment and software licences.

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