Interfaces & integration Interfaces & integration

Interfaces & integration


SERTI is proud to be the only Canadian DMS provider certified across ALL major Canadian OEMs.

Central to our development plans, manufacturer communications play a pivotal part in our ability to implement the SERTI software in so many dealerships with so many different manufacturers. Certification processes are undertaken with careful precision and SERTI is proud to be recognized as a certified provider for the vast majority of manufacturers both in the automotive and heavy-truck industry.


Third party integration

Interfaces & integration

Certifications with so many manufacturers lead to an impressive number of third-party interactions. SERTI's development team works with third-party companies to create interfaces that communicate efficiently with one another.

We are always working on new interfaces; here is a list of a few of the major ones we have already developed:

  • @utoRevenue
  • ASL
  • Aspen
  • Auto123
  • Autodata
  • autoTRADER
  • AutoV2
  • Boost
  • BZ Results
  • Dealer-FX
  • DealerSocket
  • DealerVoice
  • DMI
  • EasyDeal
  • Evolio
  • Exprima
  • Higher Gear
  • HomeNet Automotive
  • IntegraLink
  • Kelco Marketing
  • KEYper Systems
  • Kimoby
  • LoyalAction
  • LoyaltyTrack (IQ724)
  • Mitchell-On-Demand
  • MPi
  • OEConnection
  • OneCommand
  • OneEighty
  • Snap-On
  • Suly
  • vAuto
  • VenueVision
  • Visible Customer
  • Vital Insights
  • Xtime
  • and more...