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Automobile Dealerships

Automobile Dealerships

Whether your dealership is a small friendly neighbourhood garage or the largest multi-site automotive dealership group in the city, SERTI is the best alternative on the current DMS market.

The powerful SERTI solution can host a number of divisions (holdings, leasing/rental, RV or power equipment branches, etc.) as part of the same company.

Various types of enterprises linked to your dealership can be managed with the same software, making your accounting personnel's everyday job just a little easier!

The solution comes in a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, running on IBM Power System: a highly scalable and virus-resistant architecture with a stable database and middleware foundation for efficient business processing applications deploying. 

SERTI understands where their customers' profit centers are and strives to create tangible tools to fully capitalize on these profitable zones.

Automobile Dealerships



Now available with our SDS software, StatsOnline is a powerful and interactive web dashboard that can be customized to your very own specifications and requirements. You have the power to create dashboards that can contain as many elements of information as you need, build them to size and content, rearrange the order, display or hide sections.

After all, it’s your information; it’s only fitting that you see it as you wish!

Whether your dealership is a single banner store or part of the largest multi-site group in the city, all the information (DOC’s, parts inventory, vehicle sales, etc.) is right there for you to see.

And this information is interactive: use the drill-down capabilities, find out what happens as it happens and see exceptions as they occur. View interactive graphs and charts, compare the days sales to those of previous years… the possibilities will astound you!

Contact our sales department for more information.


This module was developed to simplify the administration of your dealership. It is completely integrated with all other modules of the system. Input of information is simple and flexible. Information inquiries are carried out according to parameters defined by the users themselves.

Key Components

  • Receivables and payables management (including electronic receipts)
  • Payroll module
  • General ledger, controlled accounts and journal management.
  • Financial statements (in Excel and uploaded to manufacturer)
  • Unlimited number of DOCs
  • Drill-down capabilities (current and historical data)

Sales, Showroom, and F&I Management

Our sales and F&I software is designed to guide your new and used vehicle sales teams through each crucial step as they turn a potential buyer into a satisfied customer. User-friendly and accessible quotation software, powerful F&I tools, prospect tracking and customer relationship management: four components essential to the success of your new and used vehicle department sales team.

Key Components


  • Real-time integration with accounting and service departments
  • Single Customer Database for the Whole Dealership
  • DORA, VII, and VID Integration
  • Manufacturer Special Programs Integration
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Interface with as Route One and FinanciaLinx

Deal Desking and Reporting

  • Manage and control the complete sales cycle
  • Automated quick quotes with manufacturer programs
  • Preview forms before printing
  • Send quotes, offers, forms, reports, analysis, commission sheets and more by email
  • Customise and fine-tune security, user by user

Customer Relationship Management

  • Log all interactions with your prospects, remain close beyond delivery
  • Enjoy a clear and centralised agenda, with personal view and team view
  • Data mine to create rich CRM campaigns

Parts Department Management

The parts module is pivotal in fixed operations management, and ours is one of the most effective in the business. It can be used by both car and/or heavy-truck dealerships.

The parts inventory management module is designed to give the parts department close control over inventory levels according to your management methods. Advanced tools, such as price matrices and minimum profit alerts help you improve your profit centers.

Key Components

  • Orders/returns
  • Price management, including matrix
  • Automated source management
  • Core management and old core tracking
  • Supersede hierarchy and management
  • Advanced customer reservation system
  • Lifelong inventory archiving
  • Barcode technology
  • Manufacturer integration
  • Internet Part Sales

Point of Sale (POS) Invoicing

This module is the nerve center for parts and service invoicing. Users with access to invoicing can also access a variety of sales tools to help market products and services, along with a wide range of management tools that provide quick access to real-time information.
For instance: Service managers can easily verify that company objectives have been met, check the efficiency of their mechanics and oversee shop productivity.

Key Components

  • Invoicing, including part kits and menu pricing
  • Manufacturer warranty claims including integration
  • Electronic purchase orders
  • Parts availability and quick quotations with manufacturer parts catalogue integration (EPC)
  • Customer special order invoicing and management
  • Precise reporting tools (sales, profits, service advisor performance, productivity, efficiency)

Service Department

The service module is the customer's gateway to your after-sales service. Its design allows your service department employees to effectively guide your customers, both before, during and after their visit.

Key Components

  • Multiple Appointment Books
  • Repair Order Write-Up
  • Unlimited Detailed Service History
  • Recommended Maintenance Pop-Ups (Manufacturer and/or Custom)
  • Declined Maintenance Management
  • Recall Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Products
  • Electronic Shop Control (see Shop Management)

Electronic Shop Management & Technician Dispatching

This indispensable tool controls real-time work flow and increases overall shop productivity, technician efficiency and proficiency. The shop control module helps minimize lost time. It also allows your team to make sure that work is carried out within the time frame promised to your customer.

Key Components

  • Electronic shop control
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Forms
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual R.O. dispatching
  • Dispatcher station
  • Technician station
  • Total shop awareness
  • Emergency alerts and notifications


SERTI offers a top-of-the-line software solution running on an ultra-stable IBM Power System business server.

High Quality Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Point-And-Click Windows Environment

  • Right-Click
  • Favourites
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Fully Compatible With Microsoft Office Applications

Transfer SDS Data Into Windows Format

  • Transfer Reports to Excel
  • Prepare CRM Campaigns in Word

Email Any Document To Any Customer, Prospect Or Supplier From Any SDS Module

Real-Time Data Availability

  • Month-End Printing Obsolete
  • Access To Past Data (service, parts, accounting, etc.)
  • Ability To Backdate Virtually Any Report

More than simple data archiving; the IBM Power System server provides real-time availability since data is not archived, purged, deleted or extracted. Your data remains on your server at all times and for as long as you need it. 

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